Preparing the Harvest on Twitter GardenChat

preparing the harvest event
preparing the harvest event

Join the conversation surrounded with fellow Twitter users discussing Preparing the Harvest on GardenChat Twitter event. During the 1st week of September come to celebrate preservation.  Share with those who are like minded and learn new ideas from around the world.  Details of the event in this post.

You Are Invited

On Monday  Join the Twitter conversation following the hashtag #gardenchat.  The question begins at 9:15 p.m. ET LIVE but you can click on the links below to share on Twitter with your registered account. Follow @thegardenchat for all the official tweets during the event.

GardenChat Host Welcomes Everyone

GardenChat Host, Bren Haas is excited to connect with you and share the tips and ideas streamed online.  Follow the guest host on social media during the week to get the details of this event.  You will also see additional information shared from various platforms on this subject. Everyone is encouraged to connect with guest host by sending a message on contact page and signing up for the Creative Living with Bren Haas Newsletter. 

Questions For The Twitter Event

Confused on what to do with all the harvest this year from your home garden?   Join the conversation by clicking below to see what Twitter users shared during the event.  The questions begin to live at 9:15 P.M. ET with host @brenhaas.   These questions will be clickable after the event featuring recap.

  • Question 1: Where is your home garden located? (share what state or hardiness zone if applies) #gardenchat
  • Question 2: Did you grow a plant – herbs, vegetables, flowers or other to harvest and preserve?  #gardenchat
  • Question 3: What is your favorite herb to grow and preserve?  How do you preserve it?  #gardenchat
  • Question 4: Do you grow vegetables?  Share any freezing tips you may have to help others.  #gardenchat
  • Question 5: Do you use the hot bath method to preserve a vegetable harvest?  Tell us more… #gardenchat
  • Question 6: Have you ever used a pressure cooker to preserve a harvest or meal? #gardenchat
  • Question 7: Freeze Drying meals are totally hot right now.. have you done this?  Share your experience. #gardenchat
  • Question 8: Drying seeds, flowers, edibles like herbs, fruit and veggies can be easy.  Share a tip! #gardenchat
  • Question 9: How do you decide if the harvest is worth saving?  ( tips on when to harvest and how ) #gardenchat
  • Question 10: Why is harvesting and preserving important?  If you have extras what can you do?  #gardenchat

Let’s Connect

I’m excited to hear about harvest and preservation experience so be sure to share with me by commenting below. Connect on my social media links provided on this page as well.


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