Planting Potatoes Year 2

My First Potato / July 2010

Last year was the first year to experiment with growing  a garden in raised bed structures.  One of the hot topics on #gardenchat / Twitter was planting potatoes.  With a little help from my friends online I was educated about how easy it was to grow all types of potatoes.   After a successful season of growing my own Irish and Idaho spuds I must say it was super easy and as exciting as a surprise party!  When I googled for information about planting potatoes I didn’t find one mention of how rustic and rich with flavor those spuds would be. The flavor in some of my family recipes were just amazing and I can’t wait to try more dishes and ways of preserving potatoes this year.

My girlfriend Rhonda stopped over the other day while I was attempting to plant potatoes again this year.   I had some questions about planting the entire potato rather then cutting them in pieces and if I could reuse the potatoes that were  coming up from last years harvest.   It was a split vote when I asked on the social networks if I should leave those old potatoes in the raised bed to grow this year so I took all I could find out and planted them in a corner of the raised bed.      Rhonda shared some tips with me on what her Father had taught her about growing potatoes and you can read that information by clicking on the image above.

More information about my soil by clicking on the image collage above

An important tip is to be sure that you plant your potatoes eye UP and use loose soil in your container or structure you are planting the spuds in.   Last year we had a blast harvesting these potatoes finding more potatoes then I ever imagined could come from one location!

The greenhouse and landscape project is coming together quit nicely this spring.  It is on our to-do list to get the left side of the landscape filled with another split rail fence featuring a trellis.    I hope to have that in by early June.   My hubby and I celebrate our 18th Wedding Anniversary this next weekend maybe I can some how tie that into our special day?!

Last Night on #gardenchat we welcomed Katie and Justin from Better Homes & Garden.  I got to meet Justin in person this past March on my trip to Costa Farms for the Social Summit in Miami.  I had a blast talking with him about his garden projects, the greenhouse / garden center he owns and operates in Iowa and all the fun things going on at Better Homes  & Garden.    IF you missed last night #gardenchat which was all about the latest plants for 2011, the transcript is located at#gardenchat transcript web page.   Sometime today Better Homes & Garden will be announcing a winner from last nights #gardenchat.  I can’t wait to see who will win the fabulous book collection  featuring : Garden Doctor: Advice from the Experts,Yard & Garden Projects, Better Homes and Gardens New Garden Book,  Gardening Made Easy,Yard & Garden Owner’s Manual I will share more when the winner is announced.

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