Planting Ideas For September Gardening on #gardenchat Twitter

#gardenchat Twitter Event


As we welcome September it is time to get out in the garden and enjoy the last of the summer harvest as well as prepare for the next harvest.  Join us on #gardenchat on August 29, 2016 as we connect and share what we are planting in  the gardens and landscapes across the country in September on a Twitter event.


[alert-announce]Twitter Event[/alert-announce]

#gardenchat on Twitter

You’re invite to join the conversation for this fun connecting event using Twitter. All you have to do is sign up for a Twitter account and add #gardenchat to the search bar.  Featured on this post below you will find a few tips on how to share during the #gardenchat event each Monday.

  • CLICK HERE to join the scheduled topic conversation at 9-10 p.m. ET. on your PC or Mac.
  • IF you are on your smart photo just search #gardenchat and click  on ‘live’ shares.
  • Follow the host @thegardenchat and reply by clicking on each tweet to be included in the recap at the end of the event.

You can review the last #gardenchat Twitter events at this link :  Twitter Recap and learn what others are sharing during this trending event.   Check out the video explaining how to view a recap from the past #gardenchat Twitter events at : How to View A Recap after a #gardenchat Twitter Event 

[alert-announce]Questions for the Twitter Event[/alert-announce]

The conversation starts at 9 p.m. ET SHARP as garden enthusiasts from around the world connect and share from their gardens using the platform Twitter. This is an engaging way to connect with others who enjoy growing gardens.  You just may connect with someone in your hardiness zone that may inspire you to start growing something new.  The 15 minutes of introducing yourself and sharing where you grow goes super fast so be ready to start tweeting at 9:15 p.m. ET as@thegardenchat begins to stream the question and answer portion of the event.  You will want to join the conversation by REPLYING to each questions the host presents on Twitter to be included in the recap.  This is a great way to connect with others and gain new followers on Twitter.   If you have questions please ask below on this post or contact Bren Haas the Administrator. 

** please note the blog post will be updated after the August 29, 2016 with recap from the event.  Each question below will be an embedded link leading to the recap from each question.








Thank you!

[alert-announce]About September Planting [/alert-announce]

One of my personal favorite times of the year to enjoy nature and the gardens is in September. It is a time of year when we can relax a bit and enjoy the harvest from Summer and start planting for autumn to winter gardening. One of my favorite resources online is the many State University Extension websites where you can find documentation provided by research being done in each state.  Check out this post by Oregon State University at : where they share each month provides reminders of key garden chores, such as fertilizing, pest control, planting, and maintenance.

September Gardening On YouTube 

I took some time to put together a playlist from some of my favorite gardening sites on YouTube. Below you can view the videos sharing useful tips and be sure to subscribe to my site for more updates and #gardenchat information.

This September Gardening Playlist found on Youtube.

[alert-announce]Invite Your Friends[/alert-announce]

Are you excited to learn more about September in the garden?  Be sure to tell your friends so they can connect with us on #gardenchat by Tweeting below!

[Tweet “Join us on #gardenchat as we discuss September gardening! “]

Need more information or just want to share some feedback about this event?  Please be sure to comment below.


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