Planting For Autumn on Twitter GardenChat

Planting For Autumn on Twitter GardenChat
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Join the conversation as we discuss Planting For Autumn on Twitter GardenChat. During the 1st week of August come celebrate Planting for Autumn.  This is a great time to share what gardeners are growing in your area and learn new ideas from others.

You Are Invite to Join The Conversation

On Monday July 31, 2017 Join the Twitter conversation  following the hashtag #gardenchat.  The question begin at 9:15 p.m. ET LIVE but you can click on the links below to share on Twitter with your registered account.

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Questions For The Twitter Event

Not sure what are the best plants to grow in your home garden this time of year?  Join the conversation by clicking below to see what Twitter users shared during the event.  The questions begin live at 9:15 P.M. ET with host @brenhaas.  These questions will be clickable after the event featuring recap.

Question 1: Where do you garden?  Share your Country, State, City and or hardiness zone. #gardenchat

Question 2: Are you planting any new seeds this time of year in your home or garden? #gardenchat

Question 3: What are some of your favorite seed companies to buy from?  #gardenchat

Question 4: Do you have special flowers you like to grow from seed in your garden this time of year?  #gardenchat

Question 5: What vegetables are you starting from seed this time of year? #gardenchat

Question 6: How do you start seeds this time of year? (indoors or direct sow in the garden?) #gardenchat

Question 7: How do you prepare your autumn crop for weather that may come unexpectedly?  #gardenchat

Question 8: What is your favorite thing about growing a crop for Autumn? #gardenchat

Question 9: Each year I forget to (fill in the blank) this plant for Autumn in my garden. #gardenchat

Question 10: Tell us where you share your Autumn harvest?  Do you blog?  Do you YouTube? #gardenchat


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What GardenChat Are Tweeting

Highlights from the event will be posted here after the event takes place – stay tune! 

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I’m excited to hear about your pollinator experience so be sure to share with me by commenting below or connecting on my social media links provided.

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