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autumn green freeze fog

Foggy Freeze in My Home Landscape

Video and images from my home garden during what they call a Foggy Freeze. Foggy Freeze in my Home Landscape Video I really enjoyed making this video.  The conditions outside were unseasonable mild, therefore it was fun to walk about with a jacket on.  My lens on the iPhone fogged up when I first walked

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The Most Flexible Tripod for v-logging Review

In this post, I share the portable and extremely flexible tripod that can be used with a phone, camera or Go Pro.  The Set featured on Amazon also comes with attachments for your favorite vlogging devices and a remote. Portable Flexible Cell Phone Camera Tripod with Wireless Remote Review In this video, I share why

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Olivia The Aussie

The Australian Shepherd Olivia Who Makes Us Happy

It is hard to believe I had my mindset on getting a Labrador when we first moved to the country and had space for a dog.  Thankful my sister-in-law brought over Olivia’s pup who needed a home.  She has made us all happy for the past 13 years. She is The Australian Shepherd Olivia Who

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My Favorite Image at Ball Horticulture

A Photo Tour of The Gardens at Ball Horticulture

A Photo Tour of The Gardens at Ball Horticulture is a creative glance at the campus in Chicago Illinois. Enjoy the photography and video featured in this post. Enjoy the photography and video featured in this post from my tour of Ball Horticulture Chicago from 2013.   Be sure to scroll down and see a few

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NOVATEK CAMERA of the dome garden

Drone Aerial View of My Gardens 2016

In this post I share the first aerial photos of my garden from the drone.  Check out the social media share and lots of images.  I will be adding more images and content from drones because we are HOOKED!  The Drone Aerial View Drones can be really useful when documenting your property and projects you

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