Pear Flare Must Share

I first fell in love with the Bradford Pear tree when we lived inour first home located in Perrysburg, Ohio.The in town charm of Perryburg is something I discribe often as a ‘Norman Rockwell’ painting.  You will find American Flags and flower baskets on almost every front porch in the old village part of town.   The Bradford Pear is a delightful early spring bloomer that line many streets in  the Midwest despite their repetition for splitting easy as they grow older.

When we moved to the country 8 years ago one of the first trees added to my landscape was this favorite of mine.    Today this beautiful ornamental tree can be found throughout our landscaped area of our property.  I’m hoping the woods surrounding this area  will help protect this admired tree so they never hold to that repetition of splitting.

I highly recommend the beautiful Bradford pear tree not only because they provide beautiful color in the Autumn but because they have the most grand welcome to early spring!  YOUR THOUGHTS?

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