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Did you know there are certain plants that will basically live forever if grown in the right environment? Growing perennials is a great way to save money, time and make the earth a happy place!  In this post, you will learn All About Perennial Plants on GardenChat Event.

What is a Perennial Plant

A perennial (of plants) having a life cycle lasting more than two years. perpetual; everlasting; continuing;recurrent. It is best to know your hardiness zone in order to check what a plant is rated at to know if it will survive all seasons in your garden.  Not sure what a hardiness zone is?  Check out this post on why I think you should know what it is located on my website. Be sure to comment below sharing with me what your definition of a perennial is!

Join the Conversation on Social Media

Interesting in contributing to the conversation about Perennials?  Connect with GardenChat host @BrenHaas on Twitter to find all the details.  The event on Twitter starts at 9-10 p.m ET every Monday.  This week the live event Tuesday 8-9 p.m. ET follow @BrenHaas on Twitter for the details.   Below on this post, you will find the Q&A details.

Question 1: What is a Perennial?  Be sure to share what hardiness zone you garden in!  #gardenchat

Question 2: Share with us your favorite perennial that attracts bees and or butterflies! Don’t forget to share a photo and or where you garden. #gardenchat

Question 3: WHAT are the benefits of having perennial plants in your garden? #gardenchat

Question 4: What is your all-time favorite perennial plant? #gardenchat

Question 5: Did you grow a plant last year that was labeled PERENNIAL but it has yet to show life after winter? #gardenchat

Question 6: Is there a NEW perennial you have your eye on for your garden this year? #gardenchat

Question 7: Share with us a vegetable that is a perennial in your garden.  Don’t forget to tell us what state you garden in! #gardenchat

Question 8: What is your favorite perennial HERB and how do you care for it from year to year? #gardenchat

Question 9: Did you see a perennial during the GardenChat that you hope to add to your garden? #gardenchat

Question 10: Share with us where you blog or document your perennial plant gardens and experience. (link welcome) #gardenchat

Questions for the GardenChat event
Direct questions and answers to

Recap on Twitter Moments

Let’s Connect

In conclusion, I would like to welcome everyone to comment below with the answers if you are not on social media.  Not sure how to share a comment or any other questions can be directed to me personally on my contact page.  My goal is to inspire you to get out and grow something in your community or garden.

Happy Perennial Gardening,

Bren Haas

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