Paperwhites, Turkey and Twitter | Podcast Season 1 Episode 11

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 11 of the Creative Living with Bren Haas Podcast.  In this episode, I discuss forcing spring-blooming bulbs indoors during the winter months, Thanksgiving turkey tips and what’s new on Twitter.

If you are in a super hurry this week with holidays upon us you will find this podcast informative as well as inspiring to make the week creative!

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Paperwhites, Turkey and Twitter | Podcast S1 E11

Featured IN This Podcast

Thanksgiving Turkey Day

  1. Quick tip on how to keep that turkey moist
  2. New products I’m using to keep that turkey moist. (see product links below)
  3. Information about the Brine Recipe I am using this year.

Twitter News

  1. My thoughts on the new desktop Twitter layout.
  2. GardenChat Twitter chat update.

Forcing Bulbs Indoors

  1. Update on Paperwhite planting video.  What I didn’t know when I created that video.
  2. List of bulbs you can force indoors including refrigeration time.

Bren’s Product Picks

Below are the products I mentioned in this podcast.  The links below are where you can purchase your own using my affiliate code.  Affiliate codes allow me to collect a small portion of the sale.   You can also read more about the products on my review section here on Creative Living with Bren Haas website.

  • [eafl id=”30788″ name=”AcuRite 01007M Atlas Weather Station with HD Touchscreen Display, Remote Monitoring and Lightning Detection” text=”AcuRite 01007M Atlas Weather Station with HD Touchscreen Display, Remote Monitoring and Lightning Detection”] | Review to come soon!
  • [eafl id=”30822″ name=”Turkey Brine Kit” text=”Brine Bag”] | Featured on contact form
  • Turkey Roasting Bag |
  • [eafl id=”30953″ name=”Electric Roaster” text=”Electric Roaster Oven”] |
  • Plants and Bulbs | contact form

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podcast season 1 | Episode 11

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