PAPARAZZI Jewelry for $5 Review

One evening I happen to see the LIVE notification pop up on my iPhone.  Becki of Bling Bashers was doing a live stream jewelry party.  In this post, I share PAPARAZZI Jewelry for $5 Review.

PAPARAZZI Jewelry for $5 Review

yep… $5!  I love the hoops that I got at this online party.  Below is the video I put together featuring my purchases from that event. I got free shipping for participating in the live stream by inviting my friend Starr.  We both got freebies!!!Be sure to look Becki up online.  You’ll find her under Bling Bashers By Becki on Facebook

PAPARAZZI Jewelry for $5 Review

I can’t believe I am writing about $5 jewelry! But I just can’t believe how nice these products are.  I am a huge fan of Brighton and I now grab for these hoops instead of my more expensive costume jewelry. 

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Have you ever attended a live party online?  I would love to hear your experience so be sure to share a comment on my site.  You may also leave a detailed message on my contact page featured on this site.

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Bren Haas


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