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Spring Planting Containers

3 New Herbs Growing and Planting Tips

Rain day weekend means planting and shopping at local garden centers. Join me at my potting table back in the raised bed garden as I share some 3 New Herbs Growing and Planting Tips. Video with details on this post. 3 New Herbs Growing and Planting Tips Spring is finally here and we are out

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growing broccoli in the garden dome

Broccoli Benefits

A quick Google search will show that the veggie broccoli is know as the worlds healthiest food. I love broccoli cooking, baked and always fresh from the home garden. One of the first veggies I’ve grown in my Geodesic Bio Dome….

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Stewed Tomatoes

Canning Tomatoes: Complete the Circle

Note: Updated Spring 2023  Canning Tomatoes is everything to me after growing my favorite varieties at home. In this post, I share why Canning Tomatoes completes the circle for me. Canning Tomatoes: Complete the Circle I’ve been using the Hot Bath Method to set up many different types of tomatoes since I was a child.  This

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Pinky Winky in my Landscape

Pinky Winky Hydrangea in My Landscape

How can you not love the name Pinky Winky for a Hydrangea Shrub?!  I’m a huge fan of pink and love the hydrangea shrub almost as much as I love peppers. Picking A Location I fell in love with the Pinky Winky Hydrangea because of its name and just had to add it to my

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New Darwin Perennials Unboxing

It’s that time of year where the new plants for this growing season arrive!  In this post I share a few images of the new varieties I will adding to my home garden.  You will also see the fun unboxing of the new Darwin Perennials.

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Harvesting Strawberries in Autumn

Strawberry Plant Growing Tips

Strawberry Harvest in Autumn Everyone loves a juicy, sweet strawberry treat in early summer. In today’s post I share how strawberry plant growing tips I’ve learned over the years of growing them just about every way possible.  Everything from in the ground, containers, and year-round dome.  My Strawberry Plants My plants growing began about five

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Three Tomato Plants

3 Perfect Raised Bed Tomato Plants

In this post I am sharing 3 perfect for raised bed tomato plants.  I grew these as starter plants in the last growing season and absolutely enjoy them.  In fact, one of the plants I grow from seed this spring for 2023.

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rose ringo shrub

All About The Rose Ringo Fragrant Shrub

In this post I share a quick video and some fun facts about the Rose Ringo Shrub.  Be sure to scroll down and check out a few unique photos. Fragrant Rose Ringo Shrub This is the 2nd Spring I am enjoying this fragrant rose.  It is a landscape rose so it requires little to no

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Loch Greenhouse in Swanton Ohio

Spring Selection of Plants at Loch Greenhouse

In this post I share a quick visit to Loch Greenhouse located in Swanton Ohio.  Check out the large variety of plants grown locally at this small garden center. Loch Greenhouse Spring 2022 A short drive near the Ohio Turnpike and Toledo Express Airport will land you right at this local growers plant haven.  Find

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water lettuce in my late summer pond

Water Lettuce (Pistia stratiotes ) in The Winter Dome

In this post I share a few things about the water lettuce (or pistia stratiotes).  Check out how I am trying to winter over this plant that is on the invasive list in most states. Water Lettuce in the Winter Dome The first few years I had this plant in the dome past Autumn it

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