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It’s SPRING… time to get in shape right?! I’ll tell you I’m super thankful for my geodesic bio dome where I can keep gardening year-round and at least get a little exercise during the winter months. In today presentation we connect with YouTube Extraordinaire, Sukhum Hing WHO has created a fun event for everyone to participate in this month. It is the One Mile A Day In May Challenge #OMADIM . DO NOT PANIC…. you don’t have to RUN … you can walk … jog, skip … row …. Bike ride….. just get out and do some exercise during the month of may.


Connect with Sukhum Hing at :
Now jump on that hashtag #OMADIM and share your 1 mile each day for the month of may. I’ll be watching for your share on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Meet Sukhum Hing : Creator of #OMADIM

Enjoy this presentation sharing about the challenge and also meet Sukhum Hing!

Find this video on YouTube at : Meet Sukhum Hing #OMADIM

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Join the One Mile A Day In May Challenge with me… let me know that you are in by Tweeting me below.

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