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Oh Snap….. A Creative Spin with Snapdragons

Today was a super busy spring day in the garden. I start the day out with a ‘cup of joe’ and sprinkler in hand as I water my greenhouse goodies. After babying the new seedlings growing for my veggie garden and starting some more annuals seeds it was time to start thinking about a quick creative lunch.

The time fly when I am having fun in the garden!

I’m serving up some eye-catching snapdragons at lunchtime today. I started growing these 20″ tall variety in the greenhouse back in January. They survived the 22*F night back in early February and today they are starting to bloom. I love being able to share these with you before we can enjoy them in our gardens here in zone 5b. It gives me a ‘fuzzy’ feeling just thinking of all the ‘SNAP’ color that is to come this summer.


Did you know that snapdragons can be used has a garnish.  Be sure that they plant was grown organically and doesn’t have any spray on it before serving.

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I’d love to hear what you think of the snapdragons.  It would be an honor to have you stop by my contact page and leave a comment.

Happy Gardening,


7 Responses

  1. Too pretty to eat – and they may snap back! ha.

  2. Just beautiful, Bren! I love snapdragons!

  3. These are some of my favorite flowers! The images are so lovely as usual. So beautiful to see! I just love the look of your new blog.

    Thanks again for sharing the beauty in your world!

  4. Hello Bren:

    It’s working fine, your blog post and pictures are as wonderful and informative as ever. Sorry I logged in so late I had to deliver Moo Poo Teas to a College Earth Day event.

  5. Oh what fun to have a greenhouse. Someday I’ll either have one, or I’ll live in a tropical climate where it won’t be needed!

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