Start The Year Year With Twitter GardenChat 2018 Event

Exciting things are growing in the garden world and your backyard in the new year. Start The Year Year With Twitter GardenChat 2018 Event.

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Questions for The Event

Below are the questions featured on the GardenChat event.  Find the details on how to connect on GardenChat social media here. 

Question 1: What’s going on outside in your garden this time of year? #gardenchat

Question 2: Is there a bloom you just can’t help smiling over? Share what flower does this to you! #gardenchat

Question 3: Are you a fan of any other color then green on a healthy plant?  Share an image or comment! #gardenchat

Question 4: Trees have some amazing color … share some of your favorites with us on #gardenchat

Question 5: What to do with the Holiday / Christmas plants in January ( poinsettia, Christmas cactus, rosemary Tree)? #gardenchat

Question 6: HERBS make me happy…. How about you? Share some photos and ideas with us! #gardenchat

Question 7: Vegetables are colorful… do you have a favorite that warms you up during the winter months? #gardenchat

Question 8: I want to learn how to grow (fill in the blank) this year in my garden or home! #gardenchat

Question 9: ALL TIME FAVORITE FLOWER would be…. Come on.. Share a photo with us on #gardenchat

Question 10: This is the year to document your garden… do you need help learning how to garden blog? Bloggers share your links for inspiration! #gardenchat

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There are so many exciting things happen in the garden world (including in your backyard) this year.  Let’s stay in touch by sharing on social media and or commenting below.

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