New Plants + in the Garden 2016

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Connecting garden enthusiasts around the world using social media. A great place to grow your social media following in the garden world is by participating on #gardenchat scheduled event every Monday.  This week we are discussing New Plants and More for the Garden 2016. 

Meet and Greet Time!

USDA hardiness zone mapBe sure to check the hardiness zone map so you can share where you grow to better connect with garden enthusiasts in your region.



Questions For This Event
Question 1 Are you NEW to gardening? (new to growing fruit,herbs,veggies, annuals, other)  #gardenchat
Question 2 Did you grow a new plant last year that you are excited about?  #gardenchat
Question 3 Did you try and new product last year in the garden that made gardening easier?  #gardenchat
Question 4  Are you growing any new seeds this year?   #gardenchat
Question 5  Using a new technique to start seeds early this year?  #gardenchat
Question 6 Excited to grow a new vegetable in the home garden this year? #gardenchat
Question 7 Growing houseplants … share with us a new one you’ve brought home! #gardenchat
Question 8 Did you have a favorite annual that you grew NEW in your garden last year? #gardenchat
Question 9 Spring and Summer BULBS … any new tulips, lilies, allium blooming in your garden this year? #gardenchat
Question 10 Sharing new things on your website or blog? Please share the link so we can connect! #gardenchat
Sponsored Giveaway 
You are going to love this new product being sponsored by Johnny Seeds on this #gardenchat Monday.  Be sure to connect with them on Twitter at @JohnnySeeds.  Click on the image below to find out more about the Herb Disk Collection Seed Disk that will be given away to 1 lucky winner at Mondays #gardenchat Event. 
johnnys-seeds-gardenchat-small (1)Using the Herb Disk

More Seed Videos at : Seed Playlist 

How to Enter

  1. Share and image on #gardenchat Twitter Monday February 8, 2016
  2. The image with the most Hearts (Likes) qualifies as winner.

** Shipping only to USA and Canada.  If there is a tie we will have to have a coin toss during #gardenchat live to decide winner.  Winner will be announced at closing of #gardenchat Live at 11 pm ET Monday February 8, 2016.  The qualifying winner must contact Bren – administrator of #gardenchat by midnight 2/9/16 or forfeit prize.

Be sure to share this give away with your friends on Twitter : [Tweet “Enter to win the NEW Herb disk collection sponsored on #gardenchat “]

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Are you excited to get in the garden?  I can’t wait to hear from you on Monday so why don’t we connect NOW on this post!  Share a comment or suggestion with me below. 
Bren - Administrator of #gardenchat

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