NEVER drop your Phone Again

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I could have totally used this the ONE AND ONLY TIME I dropped my iphone on one of the most important garden trips I’ve ever been on…. while standing in the Ocean. I actually felt the world stop and oddly enough the first thing in my mind was “I gotta Instagram that…. “  WAIT …. My device to share that was the subject matter in the water!   This product I’m sharing with you today totally caught my eye and I’m hoping to add it to my camera accessories.   Take a look at the new HANSNAP I’m sure you will find it to be just want everyone you know who carries a small camera or iphone needs.

A Brief HANSNAP Story

HANSNAP was first conceptualized by Justis Earle while in San Francisco at a death metal concert with his wife. Justis was crowd surfing and wanted film the experience on his phone, but couldn’t risk losing it in the mosh pit. Immediately after the concert, the couple began contemplating what this gadget would look like over glasses of wine (it was Valentines day afterall). Earle went home to Santa Cruz the following day and began working on a prototype made from a belt buckle and an old surf leash.

Never drop your phone again with Hansnap

HANSNAP can be described as a ‘hand-mounted Smartphone filming system’. The system is comprised of a custom strap that grips your hand while an adjustable arm is fastened to a phone, tablet, GoPro, etc. This allows for a range of filming positions designed to bring stability and security during activities, on the job, or travel. The front-facing position is reminiscent of how one would hold an old-school camcorder. Fold the phone onto the back of the hand where industrial strength Velcro holds it in place for hands-free filming or to use while exercising, cycling, or anything else one might need to do with free hands and a readily available phone. Because the universal adaptor plate is connected with a quick disconnecting mechanism, the hand strap mechanism easily connects to provide stability across multiple

Never drop your phone again ...

Always have your phone accessible without being in the way.

As of this writing, HANSNAP has already raised over 100% of its funding goal in just ninteen days starting their Kickstarter campaign, with ten days to go. Additionally, they have partnered with DEATHLENS, a skate-centered phone case and lens manufacturing company to offer a complete mobile filming kit that comes with the HANSNAP unit, a case, a wide angle lens, and the widest fisheye lens offered for smartphones. The HANSNAP unit by itself is going to retail for around $30, but you can get one on Kickstarter for $25.

Live Kickstarter!!!

I can totally see my daughter doing this on our trampoline! 
So what do you think? Ordering one for yourself or the kids … what a great gift idea during the Holiday Season.  I can’t wait to get mine!  Be sure to comment below with your thoughts about this product.

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