Nature Inspired Decorating Ideas on GardenChat Twitter

The practice of bringing nature into homes for the winter holidays is a tradition in my home. As a nature enthusiast it is easy to think of a dozen natural things that can be used to winter decorate indoors and out. Be inspired tonight as GardenChat explores nature inspired decorating ideas on Twitter. 

You’re Invited

You are invite to join the conversation on social media GardenChat.  The discussion is based on the topic ‘nature inspired’. Tweet below to show your support and connect with others.

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Questions and Recap

The questions list below stream at 9:15 p.m. ET Monday on hashtag #gardenchat. These questions are based on the set topic. Questions will be clickable embedded links which allows anyone to click and view valuable information from gardening enthusiast around the world.

Question 1: Do you use a live tree in your home for the holidays?  #gardenchat

Question 2: What items do you find outside to decorate the tree with? #gardenchat

Question 3: Pine cones can be used in many creative decorations.  What do you do with them?  #gardenchat

Question 4: Do you decorate using items from nature outdoors or on our porch? #gardenchat

Question 5: Fruit can be a fun item to use for decorations.  Share some of your fruit created projects. #gardenchat

Question 6: Sticks and stones (not just for broken bones.) What do you use these to make for decorations?  #gardenchat

Question 7: What is the most creative thing you’ve seen inspired by nature used as a decoration for winter? #gardenchat

Question 8: I wish I could use _____ for nature to decorate indoors. Fill in the blank! #gardenchat

Question 9: Herbs are wonderful for winter decorating. Name what you do with your herbs for winter decorations.  # gardenchat

Question 10: Kids can be super inspiring when it come to decorating with nature. Tell us your experience. #gardenchat

After the event links above will be live.  Those interested in learning more are welcome to click over to find more on each Twitter link. 

nature inspired Pinterest share

Lets Connect

Nature Inspired Decorating Ideas

I’d love to connect with you and hear what you are decorating with this season.  Please comment below or share by Tweeting.

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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays From The Garden,

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