Myths on Coffee Grounds in The Garden Debunked

Over the years online I’ve been able to find experts who are excited to share their experience in gardening to debunk the home gardening myths that keep popping up.  Nothing ‘erks’ me more than misleading information being shared online.

Myth Debunked by C.L. Fornari

C.L. is that garden enthusiasts that loves to connect on social media.  In a quick 20 minute call we were able to discuss her years of experience as a coffee lover in the garden. I did a little debunking myself when it came to cats and coffee!

Find this video on Creative Living with Bren Haas YouTube Page.

In Conclusion


‘Coffee for Roses .. and 70 Other Misleading Myths About Backyard Gardening’ by C.L. Fornari on Amazon.  Interested in the GardenChat Facebook Group just click over and ask to join!

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