My First Ever Plant Swap

Thankful for Facebook event reminders… started my day rushing off to my first ever plant swap. In today’s post I share all the exciting things that took place at my first every plant swap in Ohio.

My First Ever Plant Swap

video on YouTube at : My First Ever Plant Swap in Ohio

What A Great Time Locally

Today was the Wood County Plant Exchange in NW OHio – I am so glad I clicked on the event featured on Facebook a few months ago because I got a reminder this morning. I was running a little behind and really had no idea what to expect so I grabbed a couple of little plants I had in 3” containers ( catnip, stone crop and foxglove ) and headed up to the fair grounds.

Look at all those Plants
plant exchange event 2018

When I got there I couldn’t believe all the people that were there… they even had volunteers out in the parking lot directing traffic for parking!

I wish I would have known this event was this huge… I would have brought more plants. They even had a drive through area where you could drop off your plants at the door. Once The volunteers check to be sure your plants were market….. You get a bracelet so you know what group of ‘plant exchangers’ you are in. Everyone gets 3 plants and you get an additional plant for everyone you bring. What a great way to start a garden – for free! NOT TO MENTION you get to chat with other plant geeks from your area.

There was a few musicians entertaining before the event began and local organizations had tables set up with local gardening information, handouts and even more free plants!

First ever plant exchange I ever attended

Just before 10 am I took a photo of the goodies… look at all those plants. People were packed in with their wagons, milk cartans, bags and even strollers to carry their finds home.

Someone from the event made a brief announcement welcoming everyone and explaining how folks were to be let in to the plants – and away everyone went… it was very organized… no stampedes …. Everyone was excited to walk the floor and check out what folks were exchanging.

Everyone had a different bracelet on based on when they arrived and how many plants. I think here were 5 or 6 different groups.
Wood County Plant Exchange 2018

That Composter

I want one of these… how about you?

Get Social

Find out more about this event at Wood County Plant Exchange Facebook Page.

Let’s Connect

I would love to hear your thoughts on a plant exchange. Have you ever attended one in your area? Share with me by commenting below or visit my contact page to leave a message.
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    • Thank you for sharing a comment… this was so much fun. I hope to attend next year and bring some new plants to exchange. I’ll keep you posted… come to Wood County Fair Grounds and join the fun.

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