Gathering and Saving Seeds : My Addiction To Gathering The Goods

My addiction for gathering the goods goes into over time once summer ends. I spend the month of January in my conventional greenhouse preparing seeds, organizing my home for Spring, and enjoyed the Winter activities outdoors. The treasures I grow in the greenhouse winter over well but the fun begins when it is time to start seeds.  Many of the seeds I start in the greenhouse were gathered from my summer garden.  Owning my own greenhouse allows me to get in the garden earlier then others in my hardiness zone and I get a little crazy about seeds.  A close friend of mine told me ‘You are acting like a crack addicted with all this talk of seeds!”  I can’t help myself....  in this post I share gathering and saving seeds.

[alert-note]Where To Find Seeds[/alert-note]

My main source for collecting seed information has been from interacting with others who enjoy growing on  Twitter and Facebook.   It’s as easy as putting a ‘hashtag’  (#) on the front of the key word and you will get TONS of information on Twitter.  2009 was my first year researching about what others are growing.  It was a huge success as I collected tons of information along with seeds to grow.  Below is a list of places I found seeds.

Seed Animation
Seed Crazy 2010

Blogger Seed Swaps

Another wonderful source for finding seeds is the Garden Blogger Network.  A few of the seed enthusiast are holding seed swaps on their sites.    I didn’t participate in any of these because I have a few dear friends who follow my BGgarden on Facebook who sent me some of their favorite seeds to try out this year.

( Thanks Glenda, Debra and Marcy!)

Online Catalogs

I do believe this is the first year I didn’t order any seeds from catalogs that are sent in the mail.  I have been trying to cut back on having so many extra papers, magazines, and other paper  goods sitting around my home so I did cancel a few subscriptions.  I did place online orders at a couple of sites that had a great line up of WHATS NEW for 2010. If you want me to order at your site there MUST BE a link to some new items that grab my attention.  I am always looking for things that no one in my area are growing. I will share these seed companies as the products arrive so I can give you the scoop on their customer service!

Gathering and Saving Seeds : My Addiction To Gathering The Goods

Support Local Growers

Locally I found seeds at Hoens’ Greenhouse in Holland, Ohio.  I found a wonderful collection of new annuals to add to my garden this year.  I can’t leave a garden center without buying a pack of seeds.  It has been exciting to see seed displays popping up in the most unusual retail locations.

Save Seeds From Years Past 

Each year I save many seeds in a handy file box.  The seeds are sealed in a zip lock pouch and the file box is kept in my home in the coolest location.   Storing the seeds in the proper conditions will ensure healthy seeds to use for at least 5 years.

Saving Seeds From The Garden

In Autumn 2009 I shared a short video about storing seeds to be used for spring 2010.

Find this video on my old YouTube Channel : BGgarden Live

To prepare for planting I grabbed my bags out of storage of the plants that I would be starting in the greenhouse.  I am starting some Rudebeckia this spring in the greenhouse from these seeds.  The rest of the collection will go right into the ground after all danger of frost has passed.

[alert-note]Featured on Garden World Report [/alert-note]

In Autumn 2009 I was featured on Shirley Bovshows Garden World Report with seed saving tips from my home garden in Ohio.  Watch live streaming video from gardenworldreport at

Watch live streaming video from gardenworldreport at

[alert-note]In Conclusion [/alert-note]

When my pup Olivia and I go out walking we always take note of all the different flowers or the seeds they dry into.  Just think of all the really cool things you can grow when you start from seeds you collect.

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12 thoughts on “Gathering and Saving Seeds : My Addiction To Gathering The Goods”

  1. Lovin’ the seeds!! So much promise in such a tiny package! I’ll have to haul out my seed “collection” and snap a pic. I think even you would be surprised, LOL!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by the Army of Four’s blog today!
    I am SO ready for Spring. Unfortunately, I have a feeling there is a lot more winter weather heading our way. Your blog gives me that hope that Spring is out there waiting, though! 🙂 I always feel uplifted after reading!

  3. Hi Bren. Love the new digs! Your grasses look so wonderful in the snow.
    I have been busy starting seeds too and it is always so fun when I see
    themstarting to sprout and grow. It just never gets old. LOL!
    Your seedlings are looking good girl.

  4. Hi Bren, Your new site is great! I visited a few seed heads in the garden yesterday, but there was nothing there… Ah! Suppose it was the hungry birds? Hope so! But I’ll check a few others, too. I love the idea of starting seeds and sharing with friends and relatives! 🙂

  5. one of the security guards at the local city hall grounds used to think I worked as a gardener there as I was there all the time with my little containers robbing the seeds!!! they just threw them out anyways, so it wasn’t a big deal….but it was funny to see the look on his face when he found out I was not on staff!

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