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Stop and Smell The Roses

 Stop and Smell The Roses

Do you believe there is such a thing as too much of a good thing?  When it comes to certain roses I believe there is no such thing as too many.  Today I’m encouraging my readers to stop and smell the roses in pairs. When you are shopping for roses pay close attention to how big the variety is expected to grow and try and imagine the space you want to plant.  Will this treasured variety get lost in your landscape without growing with a partner?  Look at the big picture and image the blooms if they are dancing in the garden space in a mass planting.

In my garden last summer there were many roses that grew together that  made an impact.  I can’t image a few of these spectacular species growing alone surrounded by different plants.   One of my favorites to grow together is the David Austin Yellow Crocus.  This variety is labeled to grow only 3 feet tall and I fear it would get lost growing by itself.  Planted in groupings of 3 or more is the key with this variety.  I planted six crocus rose shrubs in a 15 foot landscape border.  The pink and yellow varieties are alternated in this planting.  Each color take turns blooming in the row making this a fabulous show garden along the driveway entrance to my Ohio home.


rose line

1st Year Blooms on the David Austins Along the Driveway


Distant Drum

Distant Drum Roses Growing In Pairs

My first pairing in the front rose garden was these Distant Drum roses by Weeks Roses.  I don’t know why I bought two … maybe because they were the only ones left at the garden center that summer trip?  This planting really made me aware of what an impact planting in pairs can do in the landscape.


Roses, herbs, veggies and more grow in the gardens that surround my greenhouse in Ohio

Another double planting is back in the landscape that surrounds my greenhouse.  In front of the trellis where 2  different varieties of heirloom climbers grow I planted two red landscape roses.  I’m not sure what variety they are but I do know they are from Proven Winners and they have been making a statement together in my garden for 3 years now.  The photo above is early spring just as the tulips are beginning to bloom.

Must Have More Than One Roses

This is a collection of beautiful pictures of roses I want to recommend for your home garden.  Be sure to pick up at least 2 next time you are at the garden centers.

I hope I didn’t over whelm you all with images today.  I just can’t stop sharing when it comes to roses due to the success with little maintenance I’ve had with these variates.  Please tell me what you think by leaving a comment on this post.  I’d love to hear what roses you pair up in your garden.

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