Mothers Garden on GardenChat Twitter Event

Mothers Garden logo on GardenChat Twitter Event

Spring breeze on the perfect sunny day or the scent of lilacs in full bloom all remind me of my Mother.  You are invited to join the GardenChat party on Twitter sharing in conversation about your Mothers garden and all the wonderful things that remind you of her. Fast pace Twitter conversation starts at 9 p.m. ET every Monday but can be reviewed at your leisure after the event on this website.  Join the conversation as we discuss Mothers Garden on GardenChat Twitter Event.

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Be sure to click on the button below to  tweet this event to your followers and friends. I’m looking forward to connecting with you on Twitter this week as we pay tribute to Mother.

Questions for the Event

At 9:15 pm ET the questions below will be begin on Twitter.  Follow host of Twitter event @BrenHaas for these questions.  You will also have to add #gardenchat to each of your answers tweeted. Take advantage of the share options on the image below and get the word out and show your support.

Recap From The Event

After the event the questions below will be direct links to Twitter featuring the response from those who participate on Twitter event.  (Posted After 10 pm. ET May 1, 2017). Find past recaps of Twitter #gardenchat Events here: Twitter #gardenchat.

Question 1. Does your Mother have a favorite flower?  #gardenchat

Question 2 What reminds of you of your Mother? #gardenchat

Question 3 Did your Mother teach you how to preserve food from the garden or market?  #gardenchat
Question 4 What is the most memorible event that happen in your Mothers Garden? #gardenchat

Question 5 Are you a Mom?  Do you bring the garden to your family? Share with us how! #gardenchat

Question 6 Share with us some of your Mothers favorite foods / recipes from the garden.  #gardenchat

Question 7  On Mother’s Day what do you do to celebrate Mom?  #gardenchat
Question 8 Do you have a plant, tree or flower in your garden that reminds you of Mom? #gardenchat

Question 9 Is there a new plant that you grow today that you wish your mother would have been able to enjoy? #gardenchat
Question 10 Did you add the #gardenchat logo to your blog yet?  ASK @brenhaas HOW!

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