Monarch Butterfly | GardenChat Twitter Event

Monarch Butterfly | GardenChat Twitter Event
Monarch Butterfly | GardenChat Twitter Event

Join the conversation on GardenChat Twitter for a Monarch Butterfly Event.  Guest are invited to share their stories about the monarchs in their area.  Learn from folks who have experience raising and releasing monarchs and more.

You Are Invited

There are a few creative ways you can connect on GardenChat.  Twitter users are invited to share by clicking the tweet below.

[Tweet “Join the conversation on #gardenchat Twitter: Monarch Butterfly Event!”]

About The Twitter Event

During the live event on Twitter, the host welcomes everyone to participate.  Bren Haas is the host of this event on Twitter.  Connect with her on this link or follow tweets here.

Questions and Recap

The questions submitted for participants to answer every 15 minutes on Twitter.  Each question below will be a live link after the scheduled event. You must be a Twitter user in order to participate.  These questions are based on the topic : Monarch Butterfly | GardenChat Twitter Event

Question 1: Did you see many butterflies in your garden this summer?  #gardenchat

Question 2: Do you grow milkweed or know where there is a patch locally?  #gardenchat

Question 3: Share a tip about growing milkweed. #gardenchat

Question 4: What plants do you grow that welcome monarchs to your garden (besides milkweed) ?#gardenchat

Question 5: Which comes first – Caterpillar or Pupa Stage? #gardenchat

Question 6: Have you ever certified your garden as a monarch habitat through Monarch Watch? #gardenchat

Question 7: Do you know what general nectar plants are? #gardenchat

Question 8: Have you ever provided a place for the caterpillar to grow and complete its life cycle? Share your story. #gardenchat

Question 9: Do you participate in tagging monarchs? #gardenchat

Question 10: How will you welcome monarch butterflies to your garden or home town? #gardenchat


Twitter Highlights

Interesting highlights from the twitter event featured below.

Butterfly Resources

Check out these sites to learn more about butterflies : North American Butterfly Association and the Monarch Watch. Check out past GardenChat event featuring National Pollinator Week. 

Here is Bren’s Butterfly Encounter

My Butterfly emerging from the chrysalis captured on a YouTube Live Stream:

Find this video on my YouTube page at

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Let’s Connect

Comment below and share your story about monarch butterflies.  Connect with guest host @brenhaas on social media and contact page here.

Happy Monarch Watching,

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