Miniature Pallet Succulent Garden DIY

My friend Gild The Garden puts together the cutest little miniature gardens I have ever seen and totally inspires me find my ‘mini’ creative side.  Her latest DIY is a cute little garden she made for a friend of hers that recently visited her garden and admired gardens but had too small of a space to have her own.  WELL – Cheli of course showed her what can grow in a small space by putting together this adorable miniature pallet succulent garden featured in the short video below.

Miniature Pallet ~ Succulent Garden!

Find this video at :

Below is the list of supplies you will need for this project.  If you don’t have a power drill at home you can rent them from most lumber stores and I know that Home Depot will even cut the wood for you sometimes.


  1. 1X2 & 2X4 pieces of wood.
  2.  A chop saw.
  3. A Power Drill & Screws or a Hammer & Nails.
  4. Soil.
  5. Succulents

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[alert-note]This is such a fun and easy DIY … I can’t wait to hear what succulents you picked for your pallet garden so be sure to comment below!

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