Miniature Gardening in the Northwest

It was hard to miss all the creative miniature gardening designs this past year at most of the garden shows.  One of my favorite designers was featured at the Northwest Flower Garden Show this past February.  She was also a vender at the IGC Trade Show in Chicago this summer.  I can’t believe with all the networking and garden shows we’ve both attended in the past year our paths have yet to actually cross.  I’m talking about  designer  Janit Calvo of Two Green Thumbs Garden Center and today I’m sharing photos of her beautiful mini garden designs.

I’m excited to announce that Janit will be the guest host at tonight’s #gardenchat that I over see.   I’m sharing these images from the NWFGS 2011 featuring Eat, Pray, Love Themed display which  was named after the popular novel that was turned into a movie last summer. The project was by Janic Calvo and Christina Salwitz .

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