Miniature Gardening Ideas and Supplies at Hoen’s Garden Center Visit

One of my favorite places to go for inspiration and unique ideas for my home and garden most anytime of the year is an independently owned garden center in Toledo Ohio.  This garden center is owned by a wonderful Hoen Family who started out in growing in Toledo back in 1950 when they purchased 100 acres of farm land.  In the 80’s son Bob started working with his Dad growing flowers in this farm filled with veggies and fruits that were grown for wholesale.   Find out more about this wonderful Ohio farm family at : Hoen Family History. Hoen’s Garden Center offers the largest miniature gardening accessories and more in the Northwest Ohio region.  Their motto is : “To foster knowledge and ignite passion in gardeners of ALL ages.”

Hoen Garden Center Family
Hoen Family of Northwest Ohio

Image above from : Hoen’s Garden Center Website

I’ve been wanting to head up to Hoen’s Garden Center which is only a short 30 minute drive from my garden for a a few weeks now but I’ve been so busy with Spring cleaning and seeds starting for my summer garden.  My daughter came to me wanting to design a miniature garden for a dear friend of hers that would be celebrating  her 90th birthday. The first place that came to mind was to take her to meet Teresa Hoen up at Hoen’s Garden Center for unique containers, miniature plants and accessories.  It was no doubt the perfect place to take my daughter …was pretty quick at finding the perfect container for her design.  I could tell she knew exactly what she wanted to put together for her friends gift.  The owners son Ian Hoen explained the importance of starting with the container that you’ll grow the miniature garden in as the first step when designing a miniature garden.

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Here are some of the photos I took with my cell phone during the quick visit this past week.  You’ll get lost in all the fun accessories the garden center has available to add to your creation.

[alert-note]My Daughters Miniature Garden[/alert-note]

I was so impressed with my daughters first miniature garden.  I have such a hard time putting these together and she went out to our greenhouse and put the container together so quick I didn’t even had time to take photos of her putting it together!

Miniature Garden for Mary

Photo and miniature garden by my daughter Sarah

[alert-announce]I’m looking forward to the Miniature Garden Society Event in Perrysburg Ohio this summer. As I learn more details about the event I will be sure to share it with you all. Please be sure to subscribe to my newsletter where I will for sure share the latest.

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  1. I have to visit this garden center! Your daughter obviously has your green thumb and design style. Such a cute garden. Her friend will love it.

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