Micro-blogging VS Blogging on Twitter GardenChat

Did you know that every time you send out a Twitter message you are doing something called Micro-Blogging? GardenChat Twitter chat forum focuses on on Micro-Blogging during the March 7,2016 Monday night event. Learn basic tips, how-to and connect with the Twitter community as influencers share about their experience in this Micro-blogging VS Blogging on Twitter GardenChat.

Micro-Blogging How-To's

Be sure to click on each tweet to see what others said during the #gardenchat Twitter scheduled event.  We can not possibly post everyone’s answer but we value everyone’s opinion.  Find out more about #gardenchat by connecting with @brenHaas on Twitter.   GardenChat Twitter information found on this website at : GardenChat .

Questions From The Event

Be sure to click on each question below to be directed to Twitter where you can read what others shared.  Questions and concerns should be direct to administrator of the #gardenchat event ; @brenhaas .

Question 1: How do you describe Micro-Blogging? #gardenchat
Question 2.What site(s) do you use to Micro-Blog? #gardenchat
Question 3. Do you think Micr0-Blogging has changed traditional websites / blogging? In what way? #gardenchat
Question 4. Do you Video Micro-Blog? Share URL #gardenchat
Question 5. Share your Instagram URL . #gardenchat
Question 6. What is your favorite platform to share a quick note from the garden? #gardenchat
Question 7. Have you heard of Tumblr? If you share on Tumblr what is your URL? #gardenchat
Question 8. Do you Vine? If so share your URL so we can follow you. #gardenchat
Question 9. Have you considered live streaming Micro-Blogging? If you are on Periscope share your URL. #gardenchat
Question 10. Do you list all of your Micro-Blogging networks on your website (you should!) Share your URL. #gardenchat

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GardenChat Live : Micro-Blogging

Check out the live stream that took place right after the Twitter event.  Connect with Bren Haas and Pam of GrowingNorth.ca as they discuss micro-blogging vs Blogging with recap from the Twitter event.

Video on YouTube at : Bren’s YouTube Channel

Micro-Blogging Examples

Great examples of micro-blogging platforms that I enjoy to use and why are listed below.

  1.  Twitter is my all time favorite because I can share from my phone an image, video or text in real time.
  2. Instagram allows me to connect with more space for text in real time using images, short video and more.
  3. Tumblr is a great service that allows users to share in traditional blog format only usually easier with mobile. I like Tumblr because it is attached to my Instagram and I can share to more people with just 1 click of a button.

Let’s Connect

Thank you for connecting on #gardenchat Twitter Scheduled event tonight.  Please submit questions you may have about this event.  I’d love to help you with your micro-blogging so visit my contact page to ask me about tutoring and one on one lessons. 

Bren - Administrator of #gardenchat

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