In Memory of @CitySlipper on Twitter GardenChat

Kitchen Garden in Memory of @CitySlipper on Twitter GardenChat
In Memory of  dear friend @CitySlipper on Twitter GardenChat

Tonight we remember our dear friend Daniel Gasteiger @CitySlipper who died June 1, 2017 after a 16 month fight with pancreatic cancer. Daniel would have wanted us to continue the conversation about growing our own food and sharing about it. We shall keep his humor alive by sharing about kitchen gardens and remembering his witty Tweets !  Join us on June 5, 2017 live on Twitter at 9 p.m. ET using the hashtag #gardenchat.

About The Twitter Event

To join the conversation you do have to be a Twitter user.  Signing up for Twitter is super easy just follow the step by step guide on Twitter homepage.


Not sure how to use Twitter?  Just ask BREN HAAS by clicking on her contact page and filling out the form.  You will find the questions and responses from this event below.  The live stream for Twitter #gardenchat event begins every Monday at 9 p.m. ET so be sure to follow and contribute here on this Twitter Search Link.

Invite Your Friends

In Memory of CitySlipper
@houseplantguru @Cityslipper and @BrenHaas at a Garden Writer event in Columbus during Cultivate.

This will be a night to remember on Twitter and you will want to invite your friends so be sure to tweet below!

[Tweet “Join us as we remember @CitySlipper #gardenchat “]

Questions for the Event

This hour event will be dedicated to @cityslipper who has been a HUGE part of the #gardenchat Twitter events sense the beginning.  Questions about kitchen gardening will begin at 9:15 p.m. ET.  If you can’t make the event live just visit this page and click on the live links featured on this page below.  The replies are from Twitter users who have answered the questions by replying and use the #gardenchat hashtag.

Recap From The Twitter Event

Recap from the Twitter event is made easy by the embedded questions below.  After the event this questions will be live so you can click over to Twitter and see what participants shared.  IF you are Twitter user you can answer these questions at anytime to be a part of the conversation.  Be sure to share this page with your friends to get them in the garden this Summer.

Question 1: Do you grow food in your home garden?   #gardenchat

Question 2: What is your favorite way to preserve vegetables?  #gardenchat

Question 3: Ever make a homemade pie and freeze it?  How do you preserve your fruit? #gardenchat

Question 4: Do you have a favorite jam or jelly recipe?  Share link to recipe please! #gardenchat

Question 5: What is the strangest vegetable, fruit or herb  you’ve ever grown and preserved?  #gardenchat

Question 6: Ever consider cooking pear and pumpkin pie? @cityslipper #gardenchat

Question 7: Do you grow cilantro?  Here is a recipe for Guacamole by @cityslipper #gardenchat

Question 8: Where is the most unusual place you’ve ever grown veggies? @cityslipper – ping pong #gardenchat

Question 9: What herb do you grow that pollinators enjoy? @cityslipper  and marjoram #gardenchat

Question 10: Share a link to your website or favorite site that shares how to grow food. @cityslipper #gardenchat

Remembering Daniel @CitySlipper

Daniel and Grace Kitty
Everyone remembers Daniel on Social media for loving puppies… but I got a photo of him loving on my Grace Kitty during one of his visits to my home garden.

The Family asks that donations be made to Bicycles Against Poverty (, which was founded by a dear friend of the family, or the Pancreatic Action Network (

Purchase his book ‘Yes You Can – and Freeze Dry It Too!’  on Amazon.

Read the official obituary of Daniel Gastiger can be read at : The Daily Item | Daniel Gasteiger

A Walk in My Garden and Shout Out to Memory of Daniel

Find this video on YouTube at : Roses in Bloom and Remember A Dear Friend.

Let’s Connect

I’d love to connect with you so please leave a comment below or leave a message on my contact page.

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