Meet The Seed Keeper Company

Seed Keeper Company
Image Credit: Seed Keeper Company Twitter

Meet The Seed Keeper Company

The Seed Keeper Company Gals and I go way back so it was fun to catch up with them today for this presentation.  Carol and Kerrie of The Seed Keeper Company share their friendship, their garden and their passion for helping other learn to grow from seed.  Kerrie and carol are the gals behind The Seed Keeper Company so don’t miss the seed starting tips they will share with us today on this presentation.

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During the presentation today here are few images that were mentioned.  Check out those tomatoes growing successfully in burlap girdles from The Seed Keeper Company Store. 


Below are some of the links mentioned in Meet The Seed Keeper Company presentation.

The Seed Keeper Company Website 
Seed Keeper Palooza Road Trip
The Seed Keeper Project – elect your school!!!

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