Meet Mr. Plant Geek

I’m not kidding when I shared I’ve been ‘stalking’ Michael Perry online in 2016.  In this post meet the creative and always a pleasure to connect with Mr. Plant Geek. 

Meet Mr. Plant Geek : The Interview

I’m loving Facebook thanks to Live-Streaming features introduced in early 2016.  This was one of my favorite interviews as Mr. Plant Geek took some time from his busy travel schedule to connect with me and my Facebook friends.

Interview with Mr. Plant Geek : Michael Perry

Find this interview on Creative Living with Bren Haas Facebook Page.

Mr. Plant Geek Interview From NYC

This video can be found on my YouTube page at : Creative Living with Bren Haas
This should definitely be a caption on a wall hanging or greeting card: “Hostas almost melt into the Fall”.  Every time I see one of my many hostas in the garden I can’t help but think of Michaels’ description.

Find this Interview and more on Creative Living with Bren Haas YouTube Page.
10 of the best Autumn Plants at the New York Botanical Garden

Find this video and more by Michael Perry on YouTube.

Photos of Autumn By Michael

Below are some of the beautiful images Mr. Plant Geek shared in the presentation with me listed above.

Let’s Connect

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