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Perhaps the first experience the average child has with gardening is from a book they were read at the school.  It is Children’s Book Authors like Henry Cole who make the garden come alive on paper. In this post I share a wonderful event that took place on the East Coast to inspire a community to get in the garden.  On Meadowview Street by Author Henry Cole Book Review is a book I recommend and hope other communities will embrace.

Childrens Book Review
  • On Meadowview Street


I’ve always been a fan of Children’s books and On Meadowview Street. would have totally been one I would take home as a child during our weekly visit to the Library.The main character reminds me of myself when we moved to Atlanta Georgia as a child. Our new home had plenty of grass in the backyard where we played but no flowers. I totally went on planting adventures just like the main character. I totally recommend this book for anyone who knows children even though the reading level is geared toward k-2nd. It would make a great book to give or just to have on your coffee table for visitors with children to enjoy.

About Author Henry Cole

Author Henry ColeAuthor Henry Cole is well known for his children publications. Some of his books include Jack’s GardenOn On Meadowview Street and A Nest for Celeste.  Growing up on a farm in Virginia he later attended Virginia Tech University to study Forestry.  Cole was an elementary school teacher before becoming an illustrator. Cole’s most famous works include Moosestache (1999) written by Margie Palatini, Moosletoe written by Margie Palatini, Big Chickens written by Leslie Helakoski, and Honk! The Story of a Prima Swanerina written by Pamela Duncan Edwards, which has recently been made into an animated video by Disney.

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