Little Secrets On My Summer Windowsill

Nothing Fancy In a Used Plastic Cup

The month of August brought plenty of dry wind and little precipitation while I traveled away from home for garden events.  With all the containers in my yard it is impossible to expect them all to be cared for as well as they should be while I’m away.  One of my biggest loses was this climber < Great Cascade / Wine Red Lophospermum> I found on the deck in it’s container dried out at the root but a few vines alive inter twined in a container that was growing on the lower shelf.  Salvaging the few vines I found in the window above my kitchen sink where I can give TLC with hopes of roots to sprout. 

What kitchen would be complete with out an aloe plant?

HAD TO PURCHASE – the two aloe plants in 2 1/2″ pots from the local IGC at an end of the season low price.  Seriously, what kitchen doesn’t have an aloe plant for those burns that may accrue while baking?

Little Tree Shelters Tomorrows BLT

One of my  little treasures on the windowsill is this mini tree I brought home from the Garden Writers Association event I attended last week.    This plant is going to be added to the mini container gardens that will be moved to the greenhouse in a few weeks so they continue to grow for the winter.   Those tomatoes under the little tree were green a few days ago.  Judging by how quick they turned red, they most love being under that little tree.  The tree is a dwarf Korean Fir that only grows 2-3″ per year.  Small space growers like this fir were all the rage both at the IGC show and the GWA event I attended in August.

That was fun…. I hope you share what you have growing on your Kitchen windowsill.  I took these photos with my Iphone camera and did the edits with the “BE-FUNKY” app.  I’m having way too much fun with the simple camera in that phone!

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