Little Fingers Sowing Seeds

What better way to make your garden kid friendly then to get the kids in the garden and teach them how to sow some seeds of their own? Growing a garden gives children a chance to learn important life skills.  Kids can experience the joy that comes from caring for something while watching it grow first hand when they start their own garden.    Not to mention gardening is an excuse to let them play in the dirt freely!

In my family we used the 4H gardening project to get things started in our country garden.  I must admit that Mommy learned many new techniques on seed sowing and designing a garden from these books.  I highly recommend the 4H organization and suggest that anyone wanting to learn how to garden check out what the 4H organization have to offer in your area.   Even if you don’t decided to join a group you can easily obtain a copy of there gardening book.

Things to Remember When Gardening With Little Fingers

  • Give them their own space to grow.  I would recommend plotting out an area in your garden where you can both garden together learning boundaries and space.  You will be surprised, in a few years your little fingers will be helping you in your garden with pleasure.
  • Be sure that you provided your little gardener with some tools.  If they are too little to safely use metal tools there are plenty of plastic versions of the tools in the toy isle.
  • Start your garden from seeds.  Your child will learn so much more watching the seed turn into a green plant and producing veggies or blooms!
  • Praise your child for his / her hard work.   Nothing like sitting down to a meal and talking about the peas you are eating have come from your childs garden.  That is a feeling they will never forget.

Kid Friendly Seeds to Grow

Seeds that are super easy and best if sowed right in the ground:

  1. Sunflowers
  2. Nasturtiums
  3. Bush Beans
  4. Peas
  5. Carrots
  6. zinnia
  7. morning glories

Seeds that are fun to start indoors before summer arrives:

  1. Tomatoes
  2. petunias
  3. snapdragons
  4. marigolds
  5. lettuce
  6. pumpkins

I would love to hear from you and how you get your children in the garden.  I hope you will leave a comment for me that will inspire others to get their tots in the garden.


11 thoughts on “Little Fingers Sowing Seeds”

  1. Hi Bren!
    I got my grandkids into gardening when they were just walking. They loved watering. My grandson Cooper loves planting veggies and then picking them to eat. Granddaughter Catie loves planting flowers and then picking some for bouquets for her tea parties.
    Sharing gardening with them is a very rewarding memory!

  2. Great tips. My little one has been helping us garden since she could stop herself from eating the dirt. She loves harvesting the most.

    Last year we gave her her first raised bed. She ended up deciding she wanted to plant flowers so at the end of the season we dug out the grass in our treelawn and allowed her to plant perennials around our peach trees there. I’m going to reclaim the raised bed for veggies.

    My girl likes to use our push mower, though at age five she tires quickly. I hope that in a few years she’ll take over the mowing!

    • That is wonderful Rachel! Maybe your little one could do her own garden on the patio in large containers. You could make it fun and let her grow her own veggie garden planting a tiny tom tomato plant and you can even grow cucumbers in a container if you let it trail on a trellis just right. In the greenhouse I have Swiss chard, carrots, lettuce and radishes growing in containers. Give the girl some seeds and have some fun! Thanks for leaving a comment. I can’t wait to see what you grow on your blog this coming season.

  3. I really enjoyed this post! We have belonged to Community Supported Agriculture farms for years, so my little guy has done work with the farmers there…now we are starting seeds indoors…very exciting! (and encourages him to try new veggies!).


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