Why My Lawn Is Important To More Than Just ME!

Calico Betty Enjoying the Lawn in Our Garden

“A plot of grass,usually tended or mowed, as one around a residence or in a park or estate.” is the defination for Lawn on Yahoo Education. Who wrote that narrow definition anyways?  The definition of lawn to me is so much more…  it includes a very important way to connect gardens becoming itself a part of the garden.  When I proof read that last sentence it seems so ‘deep’ but it is a definition well worth examining in todays world.  This Monday on Twitter #gardenchat many will be sharing what lawns are to them as well as ask questions. Being the moderator of this chat I wanted to spend sometime analyzing what lawns are to me.

In the past 2 years of being active on social media and watching the gardening movement explode I’ve become aware of all the different ways people garden.  There are groups of garden folks who do not want their lawns to be grass and many who enjoy a natural approach to growing their grassy lawns.  In my Ohio garden we are fortunate to have a large area to grow and I can’t imagine not having grass to connect the gardens. The ‘lawn’ on our property are actually a very necessary part of the garden.  Even in the drought we are having this summer the lawn is faithful at helping keep things cool ( especially under the trees and along the river bank).  My lawn is important  because it is a place that connects my gardens.  The lawn is also a place where wildlife and our pets enjoy spending time.   The lawn is also where children can run and play safely.

This week on #gardenchat Twitter based chat forum the owner Tom Del Conte of Sprinkler TImes Lawn online program and App is the guest host.  Tom has been a landscaper contractor for 40 years and will be providing lots of great information about lawn care.  I’m excited to have Tom and his Marketing Team tweeting with us on #gardenchat Monday.  I hope you will join us and share your thoughts about lawns.

To make this event even more interactive I’ve created a Pinterest board where I invite you all to come and share your lawn questions, dream lawns or just show off what grows in your yard.  Please share an image and attach #gardenchat #LawnCare to the image and then head over to the #gardenchat Board to share your URL so we can tweet about you!   I think this will be a great way to connect with other gardeners as well as promote healthy living.  Come on…. what could be more healthy then sharing the lawns that you love?!   If you have a question about this Pinterest event please leave a question for me on my blog and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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