Landscape Planting with Tulips in Spring

Tulips, deer and plenty of clean up in the garden today.  I think every bone in my body aches from mowing, hauling 3 golf carts of wet leaves from the landscape around the deck, and weeding on my hands and knees in a few of the font beds.  There is so much work to be done in the gardens so I’m praying the rain holds off until Thursdays indoor plant sale at local community college I hope to attend with my friend Suellen.

Deer in Front Meadow

This family of deer was spotted from my front window just at dusk.  One of them must be who got a cluster of tulips the other day. (hmmm…..) 

The tulips have arrived … and so have the deer in the front gardens.  Two nights ago I noticed one of the clusters of tulips had been nibbled down.  Those deer suck those tulips up like a lollipop! I’ve got smart over the years and planted the tulips close to the house where the lights are and my dog will bark usually scaring them away.  There are a few varieties planted out in the landscape and I find the ‘Animal Stop’ pellets work great.  I’ve even sprinkled hot pepper seeds on some of the flowers and that seems to work as well.

Spring Landscape Design 

The tulips in the photo below have been blooming since I planted them in 2010.  I have the planted just behind a ground cover sedum that blooms yellow and drapes over the river rock in this landscape.  It is important to leave the tulips to die back completely and not to disturb them so they will bloom again from year to year.  You can cut back the dead stem and leaves in late June. Many of my tulip bulbs are planted by perennials that will cover them as they grow for summer.  A few of my favorite plantings to cover the dying tulip  would be coral bells and hostas.  Just behind the tulips in the photo below are  ‘bloom again’ lilac that will bloom with my traditional lilacs and then again in late summer.

tulips in spring - pond deck cluster
Tulips in front of lower deck at pond.

The Garden Coming to Life


I can’t believe I’m showing you this …. here is some of the clean up I’m tackling this week before the rain.   I do all the weeding and mulching by myself in these front gardens.  I have a dozen other beds throughout the property that I hope to tackle heading into the weekend.

landscape to be cleaned up
Out near the veggie garden…. more weeding in the landscape around the swing.

One of my other chores is mowing.  It took me 2 hours to mow the landscaped area around the the pond and my traditional veggie garden.  I can’t help but dream of what the garden will look like this summer with all my new veggie seeds I’ve been growing indoors.  I should be able to plant them come end of May.

I’m looking forward to sharing the photos from after I’m finished cleaning up these beds later this week.  Do you have lots of clean up to do in your garden?



2 thoughts on “Landscape Planting with Tulips in Spring”

  1. Yes, it is a never ending story. My favorite tool is the hand garden rake for weeding out, because it catches the deep roots and bring it to the surface. And where big gardening tool cannot go, or close to flower, vegetable, tree etc. roots, better go with this hand tool, so you can take care, that not hurting accidentally your precious plant’s roots or bulb.

    • The hand garden rake is my ‘best friend’ these days. I have one with a cushion handle and it really makes a difference with my carpel tunnel issues. THanks for stopping by Mona!

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