Darn GOOD Grillin with Tom Good | Know Your Fire

In today’s share I’m stalking Facebook friend Tom Good. This grilling expert shares basic 1-2-3 tips on how to know your fire is ready for that perfect steak or burger. Guaranteed to make mouths water… Enjoy this episode of Darn GOOD Grillin with Tom Good : Know Your Fire.

Know Your Fire

Never burn the burgers again… with these simple 1-2-3 rule. After this interview on Facebook I had to go fire up my grill! 

Video Found on YouTube at : Creative Living with Bren Haas

  • Like the fire effect in the video?  I’d love to teach you how I made that short fire so be sure to comment below asking me how!

Grillin’ Good

Below are a few photos featuring key ingredients by Tom Good. It all starts with the knowing your fire. 

Let’s Connect

Comment below and share your opinion of grilling over a fire.  Be sure to connect with Bren Haas by visiting my contact page and sharing a message.

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