Easy Grow Your Own Kitchen Garden Ideas

Growing your own food is more than a trend it is a way of life for many people.  I can’t imagine creating a meal, especially during the spring and summer months and not including something from my kitchen garden.  Food can be grown in containers, indoors, large gardens in the landscape, and even geodesic bio domes.  In this post I’m going to highlight a few of my favorite points about kitchen gardens that I hope will inspire you to start one of your own.

Grow Your Own Kitchen Garden

A kitchen garden is a growing space that allows you to grow and enjoy fresh herbs, veggies. The fresh harvest can be included in meals for your family and dinner guest to enjoy. My first kitchen garden was just off my dining room on a small wooden step.  The image below was taken the first year we lived in our current home and I couldn’t wait to expand the idea of the kitchen garden.  Today I grow herbs, veggies and fruit in many different locations in my home and garden.

Kitchen gardens can grow anywhere - this one is on a large step near the home.
Kitchen gardens can be grown in small gardens right outside your home like the one in the photos below by Pam of @growingnorth on Twitter. 

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A kitchen garden is ideally the space to grow close to or in your kitchen for quick additions to your menu and daily diet.  I love this share / image featured below by Angie Rose of @thefreckledrose on a #GrowingNorth Twitter chat a few weeks ago.

 A9: Kitchen garden goals for me. Adorable little edible growing station! #growingnorth
Kitchen garden goals for me ( @thefreckedrose )Adorable little edible growing station! #growingnorth


Peanuts and Potatoes
Peanuts and Sweet Potatoes in My Garden
  • Grow what you love (and want to eat) in your kitchen garden.
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things: You may actually like a veggies you don’t normal purchase at a store once you grow it in your home kitchen garden.

How To Grow A Kitchen Garden

There are some really cool new products on the market these days that allow you to grow just about anywhere. One of my favorites is this ‘Farmers Hack’ or SmallFolders Vertical Garden I featured on my site a few months ago.

Grow Anywhere with SmallFolders Vertical Garden

My friend Beth Billstrom of MoreThanOregano.com grew a kitchen garden in a Keyhole garden kit this past summer. The image below was featured on her website.

Key Hole Garden - Perfect to Grow Kitchen Gardens

Kitchen gardens can be grown in a raised bed garden close to your backdoor like this garden featured in image below that is about 20 feet from my backdoor.

Kitchen Garden in Raised Beds
Bren’s Raised Bed Kitchen Garden in Ohio

[alert-announce]Winter Kitchen Garden[/alert-announce]

I love growing food so I have kitchen gardens all over the place here in my home and garden.  My favorite is the veggies I have growing in my 20′ geodesic bio dome allowing me to have a kitchen garden year-round even in hardiness zone 5b Ohio.  I’ve I can grow in a dome – ANYONE CAN!

[alert-note]What is in your dream kitchen garden? Will you grow a kitchen garden this spring / summer? I’d love to connect with you and maybe we can grow together so please comment below.


Bren Haas

Bren Haas

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