July in The Garden | GardenChat Event

During this GardenChat event, we will connect and share about how our gardens have been performing during the month of July.  Participants are welcome to join the conversation on their favorite social media network.   In this post find July in The Garden | GardenChat Event Information Details.

Twitter GardenChat Event Details

Video on YouTube at Creative Living with Bren Haas Channel

During the Twitter GardenChat scheduled event, everyone who has an account on this social media network is asked to join in.  If you are not sure how to use Twitter for this event be sure to reach out to Bren Haas who administers this chat. Bren Haas has been sharing on Twitter since 2009.   Below you will find the questions and answers submitted during the event.

Question 1: Where in the world do you garden?  Please share your hardiness zone if it applies or Country, State, City.  #gardenchat

Not sure what hardiness zone is?  Be sure to check out the USDA information at https://planthardiness.ars.usda.gov/PHZMWeb/

Question 2: Share with us a little about yourself and your garden experience.  Are you new to gardening? Do you consider yourself an expert? Do tell. #gardenchat

Question 3:  What did you grow during the month of July?  Please share herbs, vegetables, fruit, flowers, shrubs, and trees with us – photos are welcome! #gardenchat

Question 4: Did you grow anything unique this July?  Share with us! #gardenchat

Question 5:  Do you grow in a greenhouse, dome or any other structure that allows you to control your environment? #gardenchat

Question 6: SHOW OFF THOSE containers … Tweet a photo of your favorite container from the month of July.  #gardenchat 

Question 7: Perennials are fun to grow during the summer months.  What chores do you do in July to keep the garden looking its best through the Autumn? #gardenchat 

Question 8: Are you harvesting any fruit, nuts or blooms from your trees?  Share with us photos and tips for home growers. #gardenchat

Question 9: Overall, how would you rate the Month of July as far as reaching your gardening goals – 10 being the best.  Share what made you decide on that rating choice. #gardenchat 

Question 10:  Are you a blogger or share on another social network?  Share a link so we can follow you! #gardenchat

GardenChat Recap

After the scheduled Twitter event you will find details from others on this post so be sure to check back.


Let’s Connect

Are you interested in Gardening but not sure where to begin?  Maybe you would like to learn how to connect with others on GardenChat?  Reach out to Bren Haas on social media links provided on this post or leave a comment on this post.  Readers are welcome to leave a detailed message on Bren Haas Contact Page.

Happy July Gardening,

Bren Haas

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