Johnny’s Selected Seeds Catalog Review

Flip through a seed catalog like Johnny’s Seeds is like Christmas wish list-making.  Do you remember doing that as a kid? In today’s post I share a video featuring Johnny’s Selected Seeds Catalog Review.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds Catalog Review V-log

In this video, we flip through the pages highlight the seeds and products that stand out to me.  I am really excited about everything I see in this year’s seed selection.  Be sure to check out how I mark the products I wish to purchase using post-it stickers. This video also features some of my verbal notes on growing many of the seeds from personal experience.  Be sure to watch the video below and follow me on YouTube @BrenHaas

Find this video and more on my Channel.

Bren’s Wish List

Catalog and some seeds

Below are some of the products I talked about in this video.  You’ll want to click over to Johnny’s Seeds Website to get your own copy.  The complete catalog is also online so be sure to check it out.   Mentioned in the video and on my purchase list:

  • Five Star Greenhouse Lettuce Mix:
  • Blood Mary Nasturtium
  • Sun-Fill Green and Purple Sunflowers

If you all order these before I get them you better share with me!  This is why it is important to order seed as soon as possible so you don’t miss out.  New seeds and products go quickly once the new year arrives.

My SolaWrap Covering that I use on my home dome is available in this catalog.  Be sure to check out my videos and how I use that greenhouse cover on my website.  I KNOW… they really should have me be their official endorser but you all know I love it and want you to grow success or I wouldn’t be sharing this with you today.

Let’s Connect

What did you think of the catalog?  Do you think you would order any of the products I highlight on this post?  Be sure to comment on my blog post or please send me a message.

Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas

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