January In My Ohio Greenhouse

Winter is one of my favorite seasons because you can experience the best of all seasons in Ohio. Indoors many tropical and houseplants are blooming that remind me of summer and outside a few leaves from Autumn  are dancing in the trees that nestle in my landscape. The new beginnings that Spring brings is in bloom and soil is being prepped for sowing to begin in my little home greenhouse. Who says you can’t have it all?

My Greenhouse … surrounded by January snow and warming gardens.


temp reading In the Greenhouse … it never dips below 50*F

The heating in the greenhouse is always monitored.  We have a thermostat reading displayed in our home that can be checked at anytime to be sure the plants are staying cozy year-round.  At the bottom of this post I shared a video from the first year we grew in the greenhouse featuring how we heat the 10’x12’structure.  I’m hoping to make a new video this month because we have made some changes adding electric heat backup just in case the propane ever failed.  The first year was a little rough learning what heating would be most cost efficient.  We are in our fifth year of growing and the propane cost has gone up since 2008.  The greenhouse averages around $350 a year to heat with propane.  I”m excited to share more with you about my experience growing year-round in Ohio so be sure to ask any questions on this blog post.

Here is a quick share of whats growing in my greenhouse that caught my eye on this 20*F Thursday in my Ohio greenhouse.   I hope you enjoy the blooms!

It’s easy to grow year-round with or without a greenhouse.  I’m honored be able to share this with you today and would be happy to answer any questions you may have about owning your own home greenhouse.  If I don’t know they answer I know many product providers and growers who can help as well.

I share videos on youtube.com about my growing experience.  Here the link to that playlist: BGgardenLive on Youtube.com .

Thank you for stopping by my greenhouse today … tell me if you’d like to see more from the greenhouse by commenting on this page.
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19 thoughts on “January In My Ohio Greenhouse”

    • Charlie thank you for taking the time to comment on my site. I Love your blog shares on gardening. Seattle is a beautiful city and you have some amazing gardencenters.

    • Great to connect GoodGreenGuru – My greenhouse is a now 10 years old. I bought it 5 years ago from an older couple who didn’t have time to use it any longer. The design is by Gardener Supply Compnay – they do not sell it any longer. It is a double layer DuPont Tedlar – no longer available. My family and I are looking forward to building a new design this summer if time allows. I look forward to sharing this adventure with you on my site and social media!

  1. So Jealous! All I can do is stare out my SW MI window and promise my snow covered garden that spring IS coming (eventually)!

    • Time to start planning what you will be growing this year…. I will do a post this week with some of my favorites to collect now for garden 2014! THANK YOU for stopping by Denise!

  2. Wow I am absolutely in awe of your greenhouse
    Living in FL I don’t have the snow issues HOWEVER I doubt I have 1/4 of the green plants thriving right now that you do
    Will be back for more!!

  3. Thanks for visiting and liking my post. We live in North Cyprus, hot and dry, so we don’t need glasshouses, thank goodness. Most of the time our climate is great and we can grow flowers like bougainvilleas and hibiscus but a while back we had a very rare arctic blast from the north, and it really knocked our plants. They can cope with cold weather but not a really bitter wind. Interesting to read about being a gardener in Ohio though, so different from our garden.

    • Hey Crazy Crone – thank you so much for stopping by and also commenting on my site. We are enduring some brutal weather right now in Ohio. Can you believe before the windchill it is -10 F!~ I hope you will stop by again soon and I will also be following your site on WordPress.com reader.

  4. Fun visits on your videos. Our climates differ, so do our greenhouse practices and what we grow under glass. I worry more about too hot than too cold. I’ll see about following along on Facebook.

    • Too hot can be an issue here in my Ohio greenhouse too. By the time the super heat kicks in ( June / July) all my goodies are mostly out in the garden. I love using the greenhouse during the HEAT I love growing cactus and experiment with other plants to see if they can tolerate the heat. I need to blog about that experience sometime. During the HEAT months it is hard to post photos because I’m so busy growing and harvesting and preserving. I’m honored you stopped by my page and commented Nell!

  5. Hello Bren, what beautiful shots and how I wish I’d had a greenhouse when I was living in England. I tried making a tiny glasshouse in Broken Hill to bring on seedlings in winter but it got too hot (probably because I was using an old wardrobe drawer and a window frame) but I will enjoy watching what you grow in yours. Thank you for following strawberriesinthedesert.com and I look forward to reading more on your blog

  6. Thanks for checking out my blog, Bren. I’ve just started but I’m very excited to finally be in the blogosphere. Your photos are gorgeous. I’m having flower envy. Here in Southern Ontario, colour is a rarity right now. Except for the red flash of a cardinal, we’re in a black, white and dark green world. Can’t wait for spring. Meanwhile, I may have to put a greenhouse on my wish list!

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