I’ve Got My 20′ Geodesic Bio Dome … Now What?

It’s finally built… and you stand in the middle of your 20′ geodesic dome and look up to the star in the center thinking ‘someone pinch me… I can’t believe this is really happening!’ The dream is alive now that you have the dome in your garden. Once your feet hit back onto the ground it’s time to start growing. I’m very thankful I had the internet to share the construction of the dome – heck if it weren’t for being online I wouldn’t even have the dome. When it came time to start bringing things in I just started carrying much of what I grow outside indoors back in October. Putting together your ideal growing space in a new dome can be a little confusing but fun.

My 20′ Geodesic Bio Dome

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the construction of the dome in the days after it was complete. I was anxious to get in there and start growing but a little confused on where to begin.

During this presentation you will learn about:

  • How quick the construction of the 20’ geodesic bio dome was
  • Once the door is on …. now what?  
  • Endless Design Possibilities 
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Fans
  • Vents
  • Creating Passive Heat Sources – water tanks etc
  • Building raised beds ( like in the 37’ dome)
  • Containers
  • In the ground growing

GardenChat with Bren: Harvest DomeNation

I’ve got my Dome …. Now What? 

Here is the playlist featuring all the fun growing on in the dome.  Be sure to follow me on YouTube to get the latest shares from the dome.


Find this playlist on YouTube at creative Living with Bren Haas

Inside a 37′ Geodesic Bio Dome

Concrete bench in the middle of the dome and the fish tank in this 37′ dome.  This is truly a getaway for the entire family.

Inside the 37' geodesic bio dome


Let’s Connect

This has been such and amazing growing adventure that I hope you will be able to start growing year-round and enjoy your own 20′ Geodesic Bio Dome.  Please be sure to ask me about the dome –  I want to connect with you so please comment below.

Happy Gardening,


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