It’s OK to #Selfie Share in Moderation

Being a photographer gives me an excuse to be the one hiding behind the lens of a camera.  I wouldn’t consider myself shy  but I’m constantly trying to build confidence to toot my own horn in person or online. The trendy of sharing #selfies has actually helped me be more confident at sharing a candid me.  Today I came across this article on the Blogher Network by Jennifer Hatfield  that totally inspired me to share a selfie as we put ourselves out there to celebrate 10 years of BlogHer !

Bren Sharing Harvest Today #selfie

Super Excited #Selfie After Large Zuchini Harvest in my Garden 

BlogHer writer Jennifer inspired me to share this selfie I shared yesterday after picking some HUGE zucchini plants!  I’m so happy about my harvest that I wanted to show them off along with my big smile.  It is true that #me shares or #selfies have been given a bad rap over the past few years but I too am like Jennifer and love seeing my garden friends and others who enjoy sharing a quick photo of themselves on social media.

I can’t believe I’m going to tell you this story … but it really turned me off to sharing selfies out in public.

Selfies are great at the right time, place and quantity. I witnesses an out of control ME person a few months ago that really disturbed me and made me think twice when sharing a shot of myself online. One early evening (just in time for happy hour) my best friend and I took off for our favorite restaurant for an early dinner and drink.  As we were enjoying the beautiful weather on the restaurant deck  we couldn’t help but notice the 30 something Mom sitting at the table next to us with her preteen son. With cellphone lifted in air as she smiled at the device we both agree that she just maybe doing a #selfie.  Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not at all odd if you share a quick picture of yourself maybe once or twice except she seemed to spend more time clicking then she did engaging with her dinner guest. The #selfie ‘s continued periodically throughout the dinner as the child sat and watched while eating his meal.   As we left the restaurant shortly after the #selfie Queen, I couldn’t help but bump into her because she was so busy doing another #selfie with her back to the door. It really broke my heart to see someone spending more time with her mobile device then the child she was dining with.

 Putting Myself Out There Via a #Selfie

In the Mazda Miata : Lets #barnstalkNow as we wiz around the countryside snapping image of farm country my partner in crime and I love to laugh about the #selfie Queen in the restaurant as a reminder to enjoy whats going on around you and limit the self exploitation. 

Here are most of my Selfies I’ve shared in the past three years on social media.   


You can read Jennifer Hatfield   article at No Really, Show Us Your Selfie!


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