Is Dappled Willow the RIGHT Choice in your Landscape

The willow that gives personality to the landscape 3 out of the 4 seasons in my Midwest may not be the right choice for all landscapes.  I first noticed the dappled willow or  ‘Hakuro-nishiki’  a few years ago on a residential property on the way into town.  The quick growing shrub was beautiful and appeared to dance in the wind on the property surrounded by flat farm fields.    The shrub quickly provided a privacy block for the home with its thick variegated creamy white and green foliage.   I really wanted to add one of these plants to my garden.

Dappled Willow

My Dappled Willow that only gets morning sun 

About the Dappled Willow:

The shrub takes on a yellowish pendant in early spring which is a beautiful early color in my garden. The plant leaves out earlier then most of the shrubs in my Ohio garden so it is a great addition that brings dreams of the soon to come green spring in my garden. As the season grows the shrubs emerges with a pink –  variegated creamy white and green color that is a dappled appearance.

willow upclose : is it the shrub for your garden?

Pruning will encourage more colorful foliage, as it results in new growth as soon in the dappled willow we have  by the back barn that my husband keeps pruning back from the door.

five year old Willow next to our barn

The shrub grows best in moist, fertile, well drained soils.  What I love most is it does well in poor soil!

Willow at Oak Openings

If you do not have space DO NOT plant this shrub because they can become invasive and the root systems can seek out moisture which can damage septic and drain systems.


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