iPhone : 5 Quick Photography Tips from a Gardener

The best thing about taking a photo with an iphone is the capture is simple, ease and totally accessible.  Seriously, who doesn’t have their phone on them at all times these days? Today I would like to share  5 simple photography tips when using an iPhone in the garden and out!

1. My #1 rule in garden photograph is to get down into the soil with your subject!  When taking images of the garden be ready to get your knees dirty because I suggest getting down at eye level with those blooms.  With the iphone it is no different and you want to remember to never use the zoom in option on your phone.  Leave the zooming in to the edit apps on your phone.

2. Don’t drink too much coffee before a photo session.   You want to have a steady hand when shooting any images with your mobile device. Sometimes it helps to proper our hand taking the photo on something stationary.

3. Turn the HDR and GRID ON (Image Below) JUST DO IT!

4. Don’t let the iPhone camera decide where to focus.  Use your finger to adjust where you want the image to be focused. ( Image Below )
5. Press down and hold the focus square on a specific point it will flash, get larger and then smaller and turn on AE/AF Lock –  means it will lock in that focus point and exposure (light setting) even if you move the camera around. This can be useful if you want to adjust your framing and composition without the camera settings changing. ( Image Below)

NOW GO photo crazy in your garden and share with us on #gardenwalk   #gardenchat twitter!   I hope these tips got you thinking about taking more photos with your mobile phone.

I love suggestions and comments and will write you back so please do your thing at them bottom of this post!


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