Interview From My Front Porch

Recently after my photo of our front porch was featured on the cover of Lawn & Garden Retailer Magazine I was asked to be featured on the Front Porch and More Website. I was interviewed by the lovely creator of this site Ms. Mary Morris’ who is a fellow Ohioan.  The site that she created has everything you could possibly need to know to create a beautiful front porch. I am honored to be featured on her site.

my front porch on lawn and garden

Sharing From My Front Porch

I have shared images from my porch many times during the past few years on my blog and a few social media sites. It was an honor to have my photo of my families favorite place to collect thoughts and enjoy the morning and late afternoon view of the gardens. It was such an honor that out of all the images I sent to the editors at  Lawn & Garden Retailer Magazine they picked a piece of my garden.

From The Interview

Mary: Your porch is dressed up with a most beautiful Ohio wildflower garden. Please tell us what wildflowers you have included and how you planned your garden.

My reply: The gardens surrounding the front porch were designed to be enjoyed from all sides of the porch. When you sit on the wicker and wood furniture we have on the porch you don’t get the back view of landscaping. It is constantly changing because I am always finding new perennials that work best in that full sun garden.

A list of perennial flowers you might find in my Ohio garden is: Echinacea – purple and white, Rudebeckia, Coreopsis, Chrysanthemums, Hemerocallis, Heirloom Iris, Salvia, six different varieties of Sedum, Clematis, just to name a few of the flowers in my ‘garden quilt’.

I also include shrubs in my gardens for green most of the year. Some of my shrubs are the birds nest yew, Coppertina, Weigela and the Spirea.

Tips on Great Curb Appeal

My current garden is in the country so the front porch garden is by ‘invite’ only.  When I lived in town I always would add shrubs that provided color to my front landscaping presenting an invite to come and enjoy! New varieties of low growing Spirea and Weigela are great mixed in with some shorter yews like a birds nest.

I would mix my flowers around the shrubs so if I couldn’t take care of the flowers or if someone who was not a gardener bought my home they would still have color from the shrubs.

Be careful not to add too much nor too little!   Stand on the curb and look at what the neighborhood can see.

Does your garden invite people to come visit?

Most importantly, the front porch and the garden surrounding it was designed to let our guests feel welcome as they enter our home. The porch was left open with slim pillars that allow an open feeling as if it is reaching out to hug you! We have a few other ‘sitting’ areas located on our property but the front porch provides a quilt to wrap us in at the beginning and end of each of day.


Favorites From My Ohio Garden

perennials surround the front porch for welcome feeling


Mary: What are some Ohio wildflowers that you recommend growing for your region?

I replied: Just about everything in my front porch bed I would recommend any new gardener in the Midwest. Most of the blooms are perennials and are low maintenance.

The only things I have to water in that garden are the containers and the moss rose (annual) that I mix in the with the sedum ground cover along the front border for all-summer color.

Before and After

YES…. you read that correctly.  If you are a regular to my blog you know I enjoy thinking out of the box and doing things a little different.

[alert-note]One thing I can honestly say, when we bought our new home in the country in 2003 the only things I could remember were :

1. It had 3 bedrooms

2. The home was located on a wooded lot

3. It had a beautiful stone front porch. ( no joke!)[/alert-note]


home remodel diy front porch ideas remodel
Here is my After & Before photo share.

August of My Front Porch

Here is a fun vlog I shared featuring a little section right off the front porch.  The landscape just keeps on changing as you can tell from the video.

This video was shared on my Facebook and embedded from my YouTube channel.  I hope you will connect with me on both those networks @brenhaas.

Let’s Connect

What an honor to share my front porch with so many people in a publication and online. Thank you for stopping by and reading what I have to share about my Ohio garden. I hope we can connect – so please comment in the space below.  I’d really love to hear about your front porch…. is it surrounded by perennials?  

Happy Gardening,



5 thoughts on “Interview From My Front Porch”

  1. Love seeing what’s flowering by your porch. After over 25 years in my house I finally got a big back porch. I love sitting out there, drinking coffee and listening to birds singing. So I relate to what you remembered about your house when you purchased it.

  2. Howdy there,Awesome blogging dude! i am just Tired of using RSS feeds and do you use twitter?so i can follow you there:D.
    PS:Do you thought putting video to the blog posts to keep the people more entertained?I think it works.Best wishes, Bryon Pelissier

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