I’m Obsessed With Farm Structures : #barnstalking

When it comes to my obsession with barns I can’t help but question if farming is something that runs in your blood?  It’s kind of like a craving …. I just want to get in the car and drive down the lanes out in my county and sometimes farther in search of barns. In this post I share who I am obsessed with farm structures #barnstalking

A few years ago I found the most beautiful barns on Instagram featured by Photographer Brian Dowd. I fell in love with his countryside barn shares and decided to join in the  fun and share some of the structures in my country side.  I had no idea I would become a barn stalking  junkie!

Barn on Instagram by Brian Down


Sharing My Obsession on The Web

Old, new, big or small – they all were build for a reason.  Here are some of my favorites from my personal collections.

 Click on the images above for the link to my collections on Pinterest, Flickr, and Instagram

Get Out And See The Country Side

In the Mazda Miata : Lets #barnstalk
Chasing the Sunset and Barnstalking Summer

When I was a kid my Dad would load all five of us kids up in the Volkswagen van and take us out for a drive.  It didn’t matter what day or the weather we just hopped in the vehicle and were on our way.  I can remember complaining a few times and wanting to be home but one thing that always kept my interest was my Dads spirit.   Dad always said ” Enjoy the time you have because you never know if you will be back here again in your life time.”    Those words stay with me as an adult and maybe that is why I’m so dedicated to taking as many photos as I can where ever I go.

#BarnStalking Favorites

Thanks for stopping by ….. I hope you will join in the fun and share some barns from your area on instagram, twitter, Google or Facebook!  Be sure to leave me a message so I know where to find them.


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