I Saw an Angel in a Conifer Garden

Here is the Angel : Weeping Norfolk Pine at Hidden Lake Gardens

On a beautiful autumn day I got to spend the day in one of the most inspiring gardens in Michigan.  Conifer expert and horticulture editor Ron Elardo gave my friend Maria and I a tour of his personal conifer garden as well as the Hidden Lake Gardens.  I share more about this visit on Conifers for Christmas Post in December. This was my first visit to a garden that really is hidden.  I live only a short hours drive from this amazing location and have never heard of it!  Who would imagine on my first trip to this location I would be able to sit next to an angel …. a conifer angel that is!




More Images From My Trip with Ron to Hidden Lake Gardens

If you can’t view this slide show please check out the album that is located on Google.


This afternoon on Twitter Ron @whadyacallit will be guest hosting on #treechat. Please visit the #treechat URL to find out more about this event that takes place every Tuesday on Twitter. I hope to see you at the chat!


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