Hydrangeas and Containers : Week 9 #GrowNow2015

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Today for Week 9 of #GrowNow2015 I’m going to share with you my morning garden walk out to the hydrangeas in my front gardens and a few containers that are really putting on a show this week.

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In today’s video share we take a quick walk out my sun room patio to see what is growing in containers and the landscape.  During this quick video we will see container ideas along with hydrangeas I personally recommend.

View this video on YouTube at : Hydrangeas and Containers | garden walk .

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Stepping out to the garden……

The Containers on the step leading into the sun room to our home has been blooming since late April.  The Geranium container is from the HGTVhomeplants collection. 

Herbs in Containers

Even if it was raining … I could reach out and grab some herbs for the kitchen from these two containers.


The Strawberry Vanilla Hydrangeas I brought back from GWA Indy meeting back in 2012 are looking fabulous in the garden today.

More Hydrangea Pruning Tips : Here 

Gardening Tip: Prune the Hydrangeas early in the spring before green starts to arrive on these shrubs.

Let’s Connect

It has been so much fun seeing what everyone is sharing each week from their gardens on blogs and social media. You should join in on the hashtag #GrowNow2015.  Stop by Beth’s site and see who is featured for Week 9 on #GrowNow2015 


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