How To Set Up Your Facebook Business Hours

I can’t think of anything more frustrating then to visit a business Facebook that isn’t set up correctly. In this post Bren Haas shares how to set up your Facebook business hours.

How To Set Up Your Facebook Business Hours

Links Mentioned in Podcast

During the podcast How To Set Up Your Facebook Business Hours featured on this page I shared a few important tips and links.  Below you will find those references to better help you grow your business.

Facebook : hours on the sign up postBusiness Page Features

You are missing out if you use Facebook Personal page as your Business Page.  Below are a few features you will have on a business page.

  • Button at Top : These buttons you can set up featuring business aspects like Sign Up, Buy Now, Visit Site and more.
  • Facebook Business pages can be connect to groups.
  • Reach more clients with the detailed ABOUT section including hours, social media links and additional contact links.
  • Email that is designed for business featuring automated responses that can include your business website.

Visual HELP

As mentioned in the podcast I am a visual person.  Here are some of the highlights I wanted to point out from this presentation about Facebook.

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Happy Facebooking – the smart way!

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