How to Grow Broom Corn and a Seed Giveaway

I feel in love with the broom corn display on Janet Cassidy’s Autumn farm house front porch share on social media. Over the past few years I’ve been growing different popcorn and gem corn in my home garden and this looked like a variety I would enjoy watching grow and using as a decoration after harvest. I asked food preservation expert Janet Cassidy if she would come on a GardenChat Live presentation and share with us about the broom corn she has been growing in her home garden.  You can watch the replay via the Youtube link  featured on this page or you can download the podcast below to hear the show.

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Below is the recording from a very special GardenChat Live that streamed Wednesday 3/30/ 2016 on the BLAB network.  During the 40 minute show food preservation expert Janet Cassidy of shares information about growing broom corn in the home garden.  We had a few folks in the chat room live who were curious about pest and pumpkins so be sure to click the youtube video below to watch the show for details.

Watch this video and more GardenChat Live : Youtube Playlist

During the presentation Janet shared everything you need to know about growing  broom corn.  It was fun to chit-chat with everyone while the event was streaming live.  There is a  seed giveaway that took place so be sure to scroll to the bottom to see who the winner is!

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I’ve got this giant bag of seed from Janet Cassidy’s harvest that I want to share with one lucky GardenChat live participant.   All you have to do to qualify for the giveaway is follow the 3 steps below.

broom corn giveaway
Broom Corn Seeds
  1. Comment below sharing what seeds you are growing this year in your home garden.
  2. Participate on the GardenChat Live event at Growing Broom Corn with Janet Cassidy.  If you can’t attend live we hope you will at least share this on social media inviting your friends to come learn about sowing seeds like broom corn.
  3. Register for my weekly Creative Living and Growing with Bren Newsletter :

Click Here if you don’t see the email sign up form

If you are the lucky person selected to receive the seeds you need to have a USA / Canadian shipping address and be sure to respond to my email I’ll send out with announcement by Midnight April 1 at Midnight ( no April fools. .. this is the real deal!).

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Broom Corn with Janet Cassidy

Below is the live stream that took place using the BLAB network on March 30 at 3-4 p.m. ET.  You can scroll through the chat bar to see what folks were sharing about the subject and check out links as well.   To join in a GardenChat Live using BLAB is super easy but if you need advice you can click on : What You Need To Know About BLAB for complete details.

You can register and participate on BLAB live at this link:

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Harvesting the Broom Corn

video on Janet Cassidy’s Youtube :

Saving the Seed

Watch this video and more at : Seeds Playlist on Bren’s Youtube
[alert-announce]Thanks for connecting with us on GardenChat Live today. If you’d like to find out more about this presentation or have any suggestions I’d love to hear from you so please comment below.

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Bren Haas

Bren Haas

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5 thoughts on “How to Grow Broom Corn and a Seed Giveaway”

  1. i am growing everything i can in the garden this year. but my main crops will be spinach cabbage, tomatoes peppers, onion, beans. peas and corn

  2. Janet! Long time, no see! This year I’m trying asparagus! Have some green and white roots that I am going to devote an entire 4’x4′ box to…as soon as it stops raining!!


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