Meet Kathy Jentz : How to Host a Seed Swap

Seeds are a great way to introduce someone to gardening because they are cheap and easy to be successful with.  In today share we connect with Kathy Jentz : how to host a seed swap Podcast presentation.

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How to Host a Seed Swap

During this short presentation with Kathy Jentz of Washington DC Gardener who shares her experience hosting a seed swap. Learn how to set up, spread the word and what to expect.

This video found on YouTube at :How to Host a Seed Swap Event with Kathy Jentz

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All Smiles as I package up my cucumber seeds to save for the next planting adventure.

What is direct sowing?

  • Direct sow is when you wait for the soil to warm up to a certain temperature and seeds are planted directly in the ground.

Why Attend a Seed Swap?

  • Seed swaps are a great way to connect with others in your area and learn about gardening.
  • Seed swaps are an inexpensive way to introduce new plants to your garden.

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I would love to hear from you so please be sure to comment below with your thoughts on hosting a seed swap.  Have you ever attended an event in your area?  Be sure to comment on this post or connect with me on social media @brenhaas.

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